A strength of Blockchain is provenance, i.e. helping to easily ascertain the origin of products purchased and the ingredients and components of those products. A Blockchain based Ethical Direct Supply Programme, (EDSP) can help hotels adopt ethical and green procurement policies.

About EDSP

EDSP can provide significant commercial, environmental and social benefits to hotels. Using ethical and green products from responsible suppliers can enhance the reputation of the hotel, increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Association with a supplier with a poor environmental, social and ethical record can pose a significant reputational risk to a hotel. Procuring utilizing the blockchain can help address this. Hotels can take advantage of government financial incentives for investing in energy-saving equipment and green products. In the UK, the Enhance Capital Allowances scheme of the Carbon Trust allows businesses to claim 100% first-year capital allowances on investments.

EDSP can help Hotels build a Direct Supply Programme. It can help Hotels build a digitized globalized procurement system that provides a workflow for purchases, a portal for suppliers, and an instantaneous, secure, lower cost, payments processing system.


Is the UK’s market for ethical products and services.


Of all consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods


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What can EDSP Products Include?